Valli  Farhi
...Intermingle   the invisible with the visible.

When all the layers of personal illusion are peeled away, collective mind and universal emotion are visible.

In my work I try to express sensory perception  rather than intellectual presumptions.

I evoke the essence of a feeling, a thought, an idea rather than impose a fixed realism.

There are always several layers of perception, recognition, understanding  and realization  as there are several layers of meaning.

The attitude of the spirit creates the measure of aesthetics.
Herein lies the challenge.
There is nothing to grasp...

Valli Farhi Education:
High School of Music & Art, NYC
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Finch College, NYC
Columbia University, NYC
L’Ecole des Beaux Arts, Geneva, Suiss
Ecole Nationale Superieur Des Arts, Paris, France
ISA_CE, Todi, Italy

2003/04 Marien Alexander Gallery, NYC
2001 Istituto Crispolti, Umbria, Italy
2000 Istituto Crispolti, Umbria, Italy
1997 Daniel Perets Gallery, NYC
1997 Chuck Levitan Gallery, NYC
1987 La Gendronniere, Zen Temple, Valaire, France
1986 Museum of Contemporary Art, Malta
1986 Liberty Exhibition, Mussave Fine Arts Center, NYC
1983 Joan Stadt Ltd. Rockville Center, NYC
1983 Continental Fine Art Gallery, NYC
1976 Jewish Museum of Paris